Why Choose Victor Floors

Wood flooring products, though much more fragile compared to stone do offer one undisputed aspect: aesthetic. Victor Floors are among the most beautiful floors, and they are versatile to a point. Victor floors do look better when aged, just like brick if not sturdier. Laminations and pour-on are popular choices for wood flooring in making them more lasting. Our flooring products include oak, pine, maple, mahogany, teak and many more.

Laminated related products are innovative products of incrementally refined materials. The best of our flooring is its basic component; its classic quality is visible in every single panel. Laminate holds up brilliantly in comparison to traditional parquet flooring: no matter what form or decoration, its realistic wood appearance is almost more beautiful and lifelike, more dazzling than parquet. But Victor floors offer further advantages over traditional wood flooring. They are harder, easier to handle and care for, more versatile, having a higher load capacity, and are available in greater variety.

The adhesive-free Click installation system is simple and foolproof enough for anyone to manage. No toolbox necessary. The entire installation can be done with a hammer and any simple tapping block. The Click panels can be installed upon all dry and even subfloors and suitable underlay. If needed, they can be removed, reinstalled, and reused without harm or damage.

Victor Floor is the hottest trend to hit the residential and commercial flooring industry since its early days. As homeowners look to modernize the look and feel of their decor, laminate flooring has slowly become one of the hottest consumer products on the house and home market. Our Flooring is an ultra-durable product that looks like a real wood or stone floor. But it's less costly than the 'real thing', easier to install and can last a lot longer.

There are now many of colors to choose from.. Some of which are displayed in this website! Browse through our site and see the range of laminate floors we offer as well as.. decor tips on how to select the right floor colour.