Premium Series |12mm

Inspired from Real Wood looks

Premium Series is the farmost best collection available in market today with more realistic features. Perfectly replicated wood grain to remarkably realistic imitations & impressions of Real wood, with new concept of wooden floor

True to touch texture will make you think between the look of real hardwood & Premium Series laminated flooring. We call it PREMIUM FLOORS for PREMIUM PEOPLE. We know what you need and we have the best choice for you as this collection.

We continuouly introduce new products and product with ideas and feature. Unlike other flooring we not just have flooring, but we have ideas, collections, Looks, variety and try to introduce products which is right for your lifestyle. It is made from years of reasearch and efforts by special industry specialist people to make our floor and lifestyle even better then before.

This makes us the market leader of floorig today with QUality and high tech products. Moreover the high Quality lamination of Premium Series provide the further advantage to its profile. Continuity of decor and structure from panel to panel. In addition to almost invisible joints at the panel's short side, this feature creates the look of never ending planks and leads to a visual enlargement of your room.

Decor Collection:                                                                             Size: 1215x143x12.3mm