DeckEx Composite outdoor decking (WPC) is today's modern world demand, and in consideration to many factors, people need only Quality WPC Decking, because from usage to installation to finishing, decking must be rough & tough, that's why DeckEx is the most popular name in Outdoor Decking & Cladding as on today . It is mainly made from natural Wood fibers (major content) and pure Quality HDPE, added with some necessary chemical agents, such as antioxidant, UV stabilizer, lubricants, pigments and produced with professional technology under the high temperature and pressure, so it is perfectly integrated with the advantages of wood and plastic. Deckex providing Quality decking, wall cladding, fencing etc from many years now in India's market and our commitment to deliver the best quality with the most competitive prices in the market.

DeckEx is beautiful and elegant in appearance and outstanding for their ability to resist moisture, corrosion and insects, Also is has high strength, high impact resistant ability (and high resistant to impact), so they can be widely used in viaducts, squares, courtyards and other occasions. It is very easy to install, convenient to construct, also save a lot of maintenance after you use and can make you feel rest assured, and comfortable when using our products.

DeckEx is manufactured by the world's leading producer of composite decking. When you purchase DeckEx, you can be assured that the product and its associated features have been tried and tested and finely tuned over many years.

Outstanding characters

1 Looks and feels like natural wood
2 Durable and firm for its high density
3 High degree of UV and color stability
4 Highly resistant to moisture and termites
5 East to install and low labor cost
6 Requires no painting, no glue, and low maintenance
7 Eco-friendly, 100% recycled and then saving the forest resource
8 Barefoot friendly, anti-slip and no cracking
9 Weather resistant, suitable from -40 °C to 60 °C

Features and advantages

Features of Decking

DeckEx performance advantages including durable resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to bug eat by moth, size, high stability, no crack, not warp, hardness higher than pure natural wood, plastics have similar appearance and processing, cutting, with nails or bolt connection, paint. although 40% ~ 80% for powder content, so it can rely on low outdoor maintenance and long service life, high offset and low maintenance and promote durable WPC market will continue to increase. Products can be like plastic extruder, need not as high as the cost of wood processing, can squeeze or composite surface processing molding

Deckex is manufactured by the world's leading producer of composite decking. When you purchase Deckex, you can be assured that the products and its associated features have been tried and finely tuned over many years.