About Cladex-Max

Cladex-Max (Exterior grade panels)

HPL facades panels are the most beautiful and durable product of cladding, in today’s modern world. More specifically, the application concerns the design and construction of ventilated facades.

CLADEX MAX is one of the biggest names in manufacturing of HPL facades panels in world, with manufacturing from best quality raw material and latest technology production lines placed in Bulgaria with support production in Greece. 
CLADEX MAX Compact Laminate panels are manufactured with  core layers of Kraft paper impregnated and pressed with thermosetting   resins, decorative paper on both sides all bonded together and core at high temperatures (150°C) and high pressure   (9Mpa)  (100 bar kg/cm2).
CLADEX MAX Panels are type EGF (flame retardant) version, manufactured & design with extremely weather protection process & according to CERTIFICATION /EN 438 quality.  Cladex max panels are manufactured in Europe (Bulgaria) to ISO 9001 standards. All colours have undergone rigorous testing to ensure UV stability in accordance with EN 438-2 test methods 28 & 29 for colour fastness and weather resistance

The superb technical performance and increasingly beautiful appearance are the characteristic features of CLADEX MAX panels, which comprise a wide range of collections designed to create innovative solutions especially outdoor areas.  Available worldwide and been widely used in exterior elevation, balcony, facades, partition, indoor and outdoor application, etc.

 CLADEX MAX is the global rethinker of the cladding of facades, in the Compact Laminate industry. We always rethink the old and expand to the new to offer our customers innovative solutions based on renewable ideas. CLADEX MAX has always placed its skills at the disposal of design engineers and outdoor architects & decorators, gradually acquiring a reputation as leading manufacturers of Compact Laminate industry, for exterior cladding.
More than 50% of CLADEX MAX products are destined for export worldwide, where the company has a network of agents and distributors.

 The catalogue contains a huge range of plain, wood and digital colours available in a variety of sizes.

CLADEX MAX always considers economic, social and environmental factors in sustainable management of forests and plantations. We support forest certification everywhere we operate. We never convert natural forests into plantations. We respect biodiversity. We respect the rights of people in and around forests and plantations, all of them complemented with special trims, which has helped create a successful image on European and International Markets.



CLADEX MAX used world wide on multiple applications

Hotels Health Club Gates Shopping Malls Schools
Public Buildings Offices Building House Residential Buildings  


  CLADEX-Max | High Quality



Pattern, Matt, Glossy 2800 x 1300 mm = 3.64m2


2465 x 1245 mm = 3.06 m2
  2500 x 1220 mm = 3.05 m2


4200 x 1860 mm = 7.81 m2
brown kraft paper 4200 x 1620 mm = 6.80 m2


3200 x 1620 mm = 5.18 m2

Panels with double-sided decor

3050 x 1300 mm = 3.96 m2
  2150 x 900 mm = 2.38 m2

CLADEX MAX warrants the quality of all material for the production this is warranty follows only the criteria that CALDEX MAX share worldwide clients